Courses in English

When searching for courses please note the course level. Courses are given at first (G=Bachelor), second (A=Advanced level/Master) or third cycle (F=Doctoral). The last letter in the course code shows the level of the course. For further information, please see Credits and grades at the University of Skövde (pdf).

Spring 17

Courses, Bachelor levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Bioinformatic Analysis with Perl G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22BI115Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Bioinformatics G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22BI117Gpdf pdf en
Genetics G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12BM124Gpdf pdf en
Human Genetics G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22BM354Gpdf pdf en
Business Administration
International Marketing G2F, 15 ECTSw.03 - w.22FÖ520Gpdf pdf en
Cognitive Neuroscience
Altered States of Consciousness G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.18 - w.22KU315Gpdf pdf en
Miniconference in Positive Psychology G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.22KU311Gpdf pdf en
Positive Psychology and Wellbeing G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.17KU121Gpdf pdf en
Seminar of Neural Theories of Consciousness G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.22KU314Gpdf pdf en
Financial Markets and Institutions G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12NA341Gpdf pdf en
Principles of macroeconomics G1N, 15 ECTSw.03 - w.22NA118Gpdf pdf en
English / 20th Century Literature G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22EN139Gpdf pdf en
English / Academic Writing G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22EN144Gpdf pdf en
English / Business English G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22EN145Gpdf pdf en
English Pronunciation G1N, 1.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12EN141Gpdf pdf en
English//The U.K. and the U.S G1N, 6 ECTSw.03 - w.12EN172Gpdf pdf en
English/Basic University Course G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12EN147Gpdf pdf en
English/Oral Presentation Techniques G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22EN136Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Management
Management Accounting and Control G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IE321Gpdf pdf en
Marketing Management II G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IE312Gpdf pdf en
Bachelor Degree Project in information technology G2E, 30 ECTSw.03 - w.22IT603Gpdf pdf en
Data Warehousing - Technologies and Methods G1F, 15 ECTSw.03 - w.22IT318Gpdf pdf en
Distributed Network Design G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IT346Gpdf pdf en
Distributed Systems G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IT326Gpdf pdf en
Information Security - Network Security G1F, 6 ECTSw.15 - w.22IT357Gpdf pdf en
IP Telephony G1F, 3 ECTSw.18 - w.22IT335Gpdf pdf en
Linux-Administration G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IT334Gpdf pdf en
Network- and Systems Administration - Scientific Methods G1F, 6 ECTSw.03 - w.10IT359Gpdf pdf en
Script Programming G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22IT341Gpdf pdf en
Integrated Product Development
Bachelor Degree Project in Product Design Engineering G2E, 30 ECTSw.03 - w.22IP515Gpdf pdf en
Mechanical Engineering
Final Project in Mechanical Engineering G2E, 30 ECTSw.03 - w.22MT506Gpdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Project Studies in New Media I G1F, 15 ECTSw.03 - w.22ME348Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Biology
Infection Biology G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12MB312Gpdf pdf en
Swedish Language
Swedish Culture and Society G1N, 3 ECTSw.02 - w.12SV122Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 2: Text and Grammar G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22SV127Gpdf pdf en
Courses, Master’s levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Automation Engineering
Dissertation in Automation Engineering A1E, 22.5 ECTSw.03 - w.22AU729Apdf pdf en
Analysis of NGS Data 1 G2F, 4 ECTSw.03 - w.22BI502Gpdf pdf en
Bioinformatics Concepts and Methods A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12BI726Apdf pdf en
Expression Analysis A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12BI728Apdf pdf en
Tumor Biology A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22BM713Apdf pdf en
Data Mining A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IT721Apdf pdf en
Data Science Project A1F, 15 ECTSw.13 - w.22IT719Apdf pdf en
Visual Data Analysis A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12IT718Apdf pdf en
Molecular Biology
Experimental Methods and Design in Life Science A1N, 10 ECTSw.03 - w.22MB727Apdf pdf en
Molecular and Cellular Infection Biology A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22MB722Apdf pdf en
Systems Biology
Biostatistics A1N, 5 ECTSw.03 - w.22SY748Apdf pdf en
Molecular Markers for Diagnosis and Prognosis A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.13 - w.22SY739Apdf pdf en
Systems Biology A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.03 - w.12SY746Apdf pdf en