Courses in English

When searching for courses please note the course level. Courses are given at first (G=Bachelor), second (A=Advanced level/Master) or third cycle (F=Doctoral). The last letter in the course code shows the level of the course. For further information, please see Credits and grades at the University of Skövde (pdf).

Autumn 18

Courses, Bachelor levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Bioinformatic Analysis with Perl G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BI118Gpdf pdf en
Project in Applied Bioinformatics G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BI317Gpdf pdf en
Case Studies in Biomedicine G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BM135Gpdf pdf en
Pharmacology I G2F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BM536Gpdf pdf en
Pharmacology II G2F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03BM537Gpdf pdf en
Biological Forms and Function G1N, 4.5 ECTSw.36 - w.40BV106Gpdf pdf en
Method and Design in Life Science G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BV311Gpdf pdf en
Physiology G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BV312Gpdf pdf en
Business Administration
Corporate Finance Management G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45FÖ338Gpdf pdf en
Entrepreneurship and business development G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.03FÖ135Gpdf pdf en
International Marketing G2F, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03FÖ529Gpdf pdf en
Basic Chemistry G1N, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03KE117Gpdf pdf en
Cognitive Neuroscience
Basic Neuroscience G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.50 - w.03KU212Gpdf pdf en
Central Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.45 - w.49KU316Gpdf pdf en
Evolutionary Psychology G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.39KU325Gpdf pdf en
Neuropsychology of Consciousness G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.41 - w.44KU211Gpdf pdf en
Various States of Consciousness G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.45 - w.03KU128Gpdf pdf en
English: Academic Writing G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03EN244Gpdf pdf en
English: Business English G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03EN245Gpdf pdf en
English: Contemporary English Language Fiction G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.03EN203Gpdf pdf en
English: Oral Presentation Techniques G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03EN236Gpdf pdf en
English: Preparatory Course G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45EN255Gpdf pdf en
English: Proficiency G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45
w.46 - w.03
EN247Gpdf pdf en
English: Pronunciation G1N, 1.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45EN241Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Engineering
Applied Operations Research G2F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.47PR505Gpdf pdf en
Efficient Workplaces G2F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.47PR504Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Control Engineering G1F, 9 ECTSw.44 - w.03PR313Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Engineering G1N, 6 ECTSw.36 - w.39PR014Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Robotics and Offline Programming G1F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.50PR310Gpdf pdf en
Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Science G1F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03PR312Gpdf pdf en
Production and Logistics Simulation I G1F, 3 ECTSw.40 - w.43PR311Gpdf pdf en
Production- and Logistics Simulation II G2F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03PR503Gpdf pdf en
Production System Design G2F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03PR501Gpdf pdf en
Affective Interaction and Emotions G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT379Gpdf pdf en
Algorithms and Data Structures G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT376Gpdf pdf en
Business Intelligence - Current Trends G2F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT521Gpdf pdf en
Business Process Management G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT378Gpdf pdf en
Computer Forensics G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT374Gpdf pdf en
Current Themes in Information Systems G2F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT522Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Game Design G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT142Gpdf pdf en
Network and System Administration - Sustainable Development G2F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT518Gpdf pdf en
Operating Systems G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT368Gpdf pdf en
Operating Systems G1F, 6 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT371Gpdf pdf en
Software Testing G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT373Gpdf pdf en
System Administration - Introduction G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT365Gpdf pdf en
Wireless Networks G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT140Gpdf pdf en
Integrated Product Development
CAD III G1F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.47IP333Gpdf pdf en
Design Methodology II G2F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03IP505Gpdf pdf en
Ergonomics II: Simulation and Evaluation G1F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03IP332Gpdf pdf en
Product Development and Design II G1F, 6 ECTSw.36 - w.39IP334Gpdf pdf en
User Centred Design G2F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.47IP504Gpdf pdf en
Mechanical Engineering
Applied FEM II G2F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03MT510Gpdf pdf en
Machine Elements G2F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.47MT507Gpdf pdf en
Material Processing Technology G2F, 6 ECTSw.48 - w.03MT508Gpdf pdf en
Mechanics IV G1F, 6 ECTSw.40 - w.47MT351Gpdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Animation Project G1F, 15 ECTSw.46 - w.03ME360Gpdf pdf en
Experimental Sound Environments G1F, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.45ME358Gpdf pdf en
Filmhistorical Overview G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45ME118Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Motion Capture G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.40ME131Gpdf pdf en
Project Studies in New Media I G1F, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03ME359Gpdf pdf en
Project Studies in New Media II G2F, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03ME530Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Biology
Biochemistry G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB329Gpdf pdf en
Cell Biology G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB105Gpdf pdf en
Cell signalling G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB330Gpdf pdf en
Immunology G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45MB324Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Genetics G1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB328Gpdf pdf en
Stem Cell Biology G2F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB504Gpdf pdf en
Creativity and Science G1N, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03FI114Gpdf pdf en
Swedish Language
Swedish Culture and Society G1N, 3 ECTSw.36 - w.45SV122Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 1: Oral Proficiency and Listening Comprehension G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45SV133Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 2: Text and Grammar G1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03SV134Gpdf pdf en
Courses, Master’s levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Analysis of NGS Data 1 A1N, 4 ECTSw.36 - w.38BI732Apdf pdf en
Analysis of NGS Data 2 A1F, 6 ECTSw.42 - w.45BI734Apdf pdf en
Bioinformatics Analysis with R A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03BI731Apdf pdf en
Bioinformatics Concepts and Methods A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45BI733Apdf pdf en
Cognitive Neuroscience
Consciousness and Its Neural Basis A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.44KU722Apdf pdf en
Seminars in Cognitive Neuroscience A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.45 - w.03KU721Apdf pdf en
Advanced Artificial Intelligence A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.03IT733Apdf pdf en
Advanced Programming A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT732Apdf pdf en
Analysis of Complex Data A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT737Apdf pdf en
Business Intelligence A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT730Apdf pdf en
Data Driven Decision-making A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45IT728Apdf pdf en
Game Design A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.03IT736Apdf pdf en
Information Fusion A1F, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03IT729Apdf pdf en
Project Serious Games A1N, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03IT735Apdf pdf en
Scientific Theory in Informatics A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.03IT731Apdf pdf en
Serious Games - Research and Development A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.03IT727Apdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Academic Perspectives on Digital Narration and Transmedia A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45ME724Apdf pdf en
Academic Problem Identification in Production within Media A1N, 15 ECTSw.46 - w.03ME725Apdf pdf en
Narrative in New Media as an Area of Research A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.36 - w.45ME722Apdf pdf en
Project Studies in Media, Aesthetics and Narration A1N, 15 ECTSw.36 - w.03ME723Apdf pdf en
Molecular Biology
Experimental Methods and Design in Bioscience A1N, 10 ECTSw.36 - w.03MB733Apdf pdf en
Molecular and Cellular Infection Biology A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB731Apdf pdf en
Molecular Biotechnology A1N, 7.5 ECTSw.46 - w.03MB732Apdf pdf en
Systems Biology
Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Life Science A1N, 5 ECTSw.36 - w.03SY763Apdf pdf en