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When searching for courses please note the course level. Courses are given at first (G=Bachelor), second (A=Advanced level/Master) or third cycle (F=Doctoral). The last letter in the course code shows the level of the course. 30 credits equals one semester of full-time studies. For further information, please see Credits and grades at the University of Skövde.

Autumn 19

Courses, Bachelor levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Bioinformatic Analysis with Perl G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44BI118Gpdf pdf en
Pharmacology I G2F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44BM536Gpdf pdf en
Pharmacology II G2F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03BM537Gpdf pdf en
Biological Forms and Function G1N, 4.5 creditsw.36 - w.40BV106Gpdf pdf en
Cell Biology G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03BV108Gpdf pdf en
Method and Design in Life Science G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44BV311Gpdf pdf en
Sustainable Development G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03BV107Gpdf pdf en
Business Administration
International Marketing G2F, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03FÖ529Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Digital Marketing G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03FÖ143Gpdf pdf en
Basic Chemistry G1N, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03KE117Gpdf pdf en
Cognitive Neuroscience
Basic Neuroscience G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.49KU131Gpdf pdf en
Central Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience G1F, 7.5 creditsw.40 - w.44KU331Gpdf pdf en
Consciousness and the Brain I G1N, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03KU133Gpdf pdf en
Evolutionary Psychology G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.39KU330Gpdf pdf en
Neuropsychology of Consciousness G1N, 7.5 creditsw.50 - w.03KU130Gpdf pdf en
Various States of Consciousness G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03KU129Gpdf pdf en
English: Academic Writing G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44EN244Gpdf pdf en
English: Business English G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03EN245Gpdf pdf en
English: Oral Presentation Techniques G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03EN236Gpdf pdf en
English: Preparatory Course G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44EN255Gpdf pdf en
English: Proficiency G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44
w.45 - w.03
EN247Gpdf pdf en
English: Writing with Language Aids G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03EN263Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Engineering
Applied Operations Research G2F, 6 creditsw.40 - w.47PR505Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Control Engineering G1F, 9 creditsw.44 - w.03PR313Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Engineering G1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.39PR014Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Robotics and Offline Programming G1F, 6 creditsw.40 - w.47PR310Gpdf pdf en
Production and Logistics Simulation I G1F, 3 creditsw.40 - w.43PR311Gpdf pdf en
Production- and Logistics Simulation II G2F, 6 creditsw.48 - w.03PR503Gpdf pdf en
Production System Design G2F, 6 creditsw.48 - w.03PR501Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Management
Entrepreneurship and business development G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03IE135Gpdf pdf en
Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IE327Gpdf pdf en
Logistics - Supply Chain Management and Sustainability G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IE329Gpdf pdf en
Marketing Management II G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IE313Gpdf pdf en
Affective Interaction and Emotions G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT379Gpdf pdf en
Algorithms and Data Structures G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT376Gpdf pdf en
Business Intelligence - Current Trends G2F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT521Gpdf pdf en
Business Process Management G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT378Gpdf pdf en
Computer Forensics G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT374Gpdf pdf en
Current Themes in Information Systems G2F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT522Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Game Design G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT142Gpdf pdf en
Network and System Administration - Sustainable Development G2F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT518Gpdf pdf en
Operating Systems G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT368Gpdf pdf en
Operating Systems G1F, 6 creditsw.36 - w.44IT371Gpdf pdf en
Software Testing G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT373Gpdf pdf en
System Administration - Introduction G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT365Gpdf pdf en
Wireless Networks G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT140Gpdf pdf en
Integrated Product Development
CAD III G1F, 6 creditsw.40 - w.47IP333Gpdf pdf en
Design Methodology II G2F, 6 creditsw.48 - w.03IP505Gpdf pdf en
Ergonomics II: Simulation and Evaluation G1F, 6 creditsw.48 - w.03IP332Gpdf pdf en
Product Development and Design II G1F, 6 creditsw.36 - w.39IP334Gpdf pdf en
User Centred Design G2F, 6 creditsw.40 - w.47IP504Gpdf pdf en
Mechanical Engineering
Applied FEM II G2F, 6 creditsw.48 - w.03MT510Gpdf pdf en
Machine Elements G2F, 6 creditsw.40 - w.47MT507Gpdf pdf en
Material Processing Technology G2F, 6 creditsw.48 - w.03MT508Gpdf pdf en
Mechanics IV G1F, 6 creditsw.40 - w.47MT351Gpdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Animation Project G1F, 15 creditsw.45 - w.03ME360Gpdf pdf en
Experimental Sound Environments G1F, 15 creditsw.36 - w.44ME358Gpdf pdf en
Filmhistorical Overview G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44ME118Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Motion Capture G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.39ME131Gpdf pdf en
Project Studies in New Media I G1F, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03ME359Gpdf pdf en
Project Studies in New Media II G2F, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03ME530Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Biology
Biochemistry G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03MB329Gpdf pdf en
Cell signalling G1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03MB330Gpdf pdf en
Immunology G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44MB324Gpdf pdf en
Molecular biodesign - II G2F, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03MB524Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Genetics G1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44MB328Gpdf pdf en
Stem Cell Biology G2F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03MB504Gpdf pdf en
Swedish Language
Swedish Culture and Society G1N, 3 creditsw.36 - w.44SV131Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 1: Oral Proficiency and Listening Comprehension G1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44SV133Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 2: Text and Grammar G1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03SV134Gpdf pdf en
Courses, Master’s levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Analysis of NGS Data 1 A1N, 4 creditsw.36 - w.38BI732Apdf pdf en
Analysis of NGS Data 2 A1F, 6 creditsw.42 - w.45BI734Apdf pdf en
Bioinformatics Concepts and Methods A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44BI733Apdf pdf en
Master Project in Bioinformatics A1E, 30 creditsw.36 - w.03BI758Apdf pdf en
Biomarkers in Molecular Medicine A1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03BV705Apdf pdf en
Experimental Methods and Design in Bioscience A1N, 10 creditsw.36 - w.03BV700Apdf pdf en
Molecular and Cellular Infection Biology A1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03BV701Apdf pdf en
Molecular Biotechnology A1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03BV703Apdf pdf en
NGS Library: Preparation and Quality Control A1F, 5 creditsw.39 - w.41BV704Apdf pdf en
Cognitive Neuroscience
Consciousness and Its Neural Basis A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44KU722Apdf pdf en
Seminars in Cognitive Neuroscience A1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03KU721Apdf pdf en
Advanced Artificial Intelligence A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03IT733Apdf pdf en
Advanced Programming A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT732Apdf pdf en
Analysis of Complex Data A1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT737Apdf pdf en
Business Intelligence - Data-Driven Organisations A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03IT746Apdf pdf en
Business Intelligence A1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT730Apdf pdf en
Data Driven Decision-making A1F, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44IT728Apdf pdf en
Data Mining A1N, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT734Apdf pdf en
Game Design A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03IT736Apdf pdf en
Information Fusion A1F, 7.5 creditsw.45 - w.03IT729Apdf pdf en
Project Serious Games A1N, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03IT735Apdf pdf en
Scientific Theory in Informatics A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03IT731Apdf pdf en
Serious Games - Research and Development A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.03IT727Apdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Academic Perspectives on Digital Narration and Transmedia A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44ME724Apdf pdf en
Academic Problem Identification in Production within Media A1N, 15 creditsw.45 - w.03ME725Apdf pdf en
Narrative in New Media as an Area of Research A1N, 7.5 creditsw.36 - w.44ME722Apdf pdf en
Project Studies in Media, Aesthetics and Narration A1N, 15 creditsw.36 - w.03ME723Apdf pdf en
Systems Biology
Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Life Science A1N, 5 creditsw.36 - w.03SY763Apdf pdf en
Master Degree Project in Systems Biology A2E, 45 creditsw.45 - w.03SY761Apdf pdf en
Virtual Product Realization
Alternative Manufacturing Methods A1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.44VP716Apdf pdf en
Autonomous Systems A1F, 6 creditsw.45 - w.03VP718Apdf pdf en
Industrial Ergonomics A1N, 6 creditsw.45 - w.03VP706Apdf pdf en
Industrial Systems Philosophies A1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.03VP703Apdf pdf en
Product Lifecycle Management A1N, 6 creditsw.45 - w.03VP700Apdf pdf en
Scientific Theory in Informatics A1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.44VP707Apdf pdf en
Sustainable Development and Innovation A1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.03VP715Apdf pdf en
Systems Thinking A1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.44VP701Apdf pdf en
Technical Leadership A1N, 6 creditsw.36 - w.44VP714Apdf pdf en