Courses in English

When searching for courses please note the course level. Courses are given at first (G=Bachelor), second (A=Advanced level/Master) or third cycle (F=Doctoral). The last letter in the course code shows the level of the course. 30 credits equals one semester of full-time studies. For further information, please see Credits and grades at the University of Skövde.

Spring 20

Courses, Bachelor levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Sound and Music Implementation in Game Engines G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13MU354Gpdf pdf en
Bioinformatic Analysis with Perl G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13BI118Gpdf pdf en
Introduction to Bioinformatics G1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BI119Gpdf pdf en
Project in Applied Bioinformatics G1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BI317Gpdf pdf en
Bachelor Degree Project in Biomedicine G2E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23BM530Gpdf pdf en
Genetics G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13BM136Gpdf pdf en
Human Genetics G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13BM355Gpdf pdf en
Pathophysiology G2F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BM524Gpdf pdf en
Bachelor Project in Bioscience G2E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23BV506Gpdf pdf en
Ecology, Nutrient Cycling and Landscape Processes G1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BV313Gpdf pdf en
Evolution G1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BV314Gpdf pdf en
Literature Review in Bioscience G2F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BV507Gpdf pdf en
Microbiology G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13BV113Gpdf pdf en
Cognitive Neuroscience
Altered States of Consciousness G1N, 7.5 creditsw.19 - w.23KU134Gpdf pdf en
Basic Psychological Science G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.08KU106Gpdf
Miniconference in Positive Psychology G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.23KU328Gpdf pdf en
Positive Psychology and Wellbeing G1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.18KU105Gpdf pdf en
English: Academic Writing G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.23
w.14 - w.23
EN244Gpdf pdf en
English: Business English G1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23EN245Gpdf pdf en
English: Oral Presentation Techniques G1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23EN236Gpdf pdf en
English: Proficiency G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13EN247Gpdf pdf en
English: Writing with Language Aids G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.23EN263Gpdf pdf en
Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Degree Project in Industrial Engineering G2E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23PR508Gpdf pdf en
Bachelor Degree Project in Informatics with a Specialization in User Experience Design G2E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23IT611Gpdf pdf en
Bachelor Degree Project in Informatics with a Specialization in User Experience Design G2E, 15 creditsw.04 - w.23IT612Gpdf pdf en
Bachelor Degree Project in Information Technology with a Specialisation in Network and System Administration G2E, 22.5 creditsw.04 - w.23IT610Gpdf pdf en
Data Warehousing - Technologies and Methods G1F, 15 creditsw.04 - w.23IT382Gpdf pdf en
Information Security - Network Security G1F, 6 creditsw.14 - w.23IT381Gpdf pdf en
Linux Administration G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13IT387Gpdf pdf en
Network- and Systems Administration - Scientific Methods G2F, 6 creditsw.04 - w.13IT523Gpdf pdf en
Object Oriented Programming G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13IT366Gpdf pdf en
Script Programming G1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23IT384Gpdf pdf en
Windows Administration I G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13IT377Gpdf pdf en
Virtualization, Cloud and Storage G2F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13IT524Gpdf pdf en
Integrated Product Development
Bachelor Degree Project in Product Design Engineering G2E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23IP517Gpdf pdf en
Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Degree Project in Mechanical Engineering G2E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23MT533Gpdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Project Studies in New Media I G1F, 15 creditsw.04 - w.23ME359Gpdf pdf en
Project Studies in New Media II G2F, 15 creditsw.04 - w.23ME530Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Biology
Infection Biology G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13MB331Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Biodesign I G1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13MB332Gpdf pdf en
Molecular Diagnostics and Biomarkers G2F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13MB525Gpdf pdf en
Swedish Language
Swedish Culture and Society G1N, 3 creditsw.04 - w.13SV131Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 1: Oral Proficiency and Listening Comprehension G1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13SV133Gpdf pdf en
Swedish for International Students 2: Text and Grammar G1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23SV134Gpdf pdf en
Courses, Master’s levelWeeksCourse codeCourse plan
Analysis of NGS Data 1 A1N, 4 creditsw.04 - w.23BI732Apdf pdf en
Bioinformatics - Research Process A1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BI730Apdf pdf en
Bioinformatics Analysis with R A1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BI731Apdf pdf en
Bioinformatics Concepts and Methods A1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13BI733Apdf pdf en
Master Project in Bioinformatics A1E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23BI758Apdf pdf en
Molecular biotechnology - modelling A1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23BI759Apdf pdf en
Master Degree Project in Bioscience A1E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23BV702Apdf pdf en
Master Degree Project in Bioscience A1E, 22.5 creditsw.04 - w.23BV708Apdf pdf en
Cyber Security for Internet of Things and Critical Infrastructures A1N, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23IT747Apdf pdf en
Experimental Game Evaluation A1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.23IT742Apdf pdf en
Master Degree Project in Informatics A1E, 22.5 creditsw.04 - w.23IT738Apdf pdf en
Network Security Operations A1N, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13IT760Apdf pdf en
Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
Master Degree Project in Media, Aesthetics and Narration A1E, 30 creditsw.04 - w.23ME730Apdf pdf en
Project Studies in Media, Aesthetics and Narration A1N, 15 creditsw.04 - w.23ME723Apdf pdf en
Systems Biology
Biomarkers - Data Analysis A1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23SY758Apdf pdf en
Infection Biology - Modeling A1F, 7.5 creditsw.14 - w.23SY764Apdf pdf en
Multivariate Biological Analysis with R A1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13SY760Apdf pdf en
Systems Biology A1F, 7.5 creditsw.04 - w.13SY765Apdf pdf en
Virtual Product Realization
Computational Intelligence A1N, 6 creditsw.04 - w.13VP702Apdf pdf en
Engineering Project III A1N, 6 creditsw.04 - w.23VP710Apdf pdf en
Master Degree Project in Virtual Product Realization A1E, 18 creditsw.04 - w.23VP730Apdf pdf en
Virtual Intelligent Machines A1N, 6 creditsw.04 - w.13VP711Apdf pdf en